Lipotrim Weight Management

Lipotrim Weight Management Programmes is a strict weight loss programme professionally monitored and only available from participating pharmacies under pharmacist supervision.

The Lipotrim programmes have helped many people to successfully regain control of their weight, whether by using a combination of the Total Food Replacement Programme followed by the Lipotrim Maintenance programme, or just the Lipotrim Maintenance Programme.

Lipotrim Total Food Replacement Programme

The Lipotrim total food replacement programme uses nutrient-complete formula foods which have proven safe and effective for weight loss at the maximum safe rate. Available since 1987 through GPs and in pharmacies since 2001 in the UK and Ireland.

In summary

  • You stop eating all conventional foods and replace them with the nutritionally complete formula foods.
  • By maximizing the calorie gap, whilst still maintaining nutritional health, the body draws on its reserves of sugar and excess fat to meet the body’s energy requirements. This happens regardless of the calories required by each individual. Lipotrim is therefore an excellent diet choice whether you are highly active or sedentary.
  • You are not living on a reduced amount of calories, just changing the source of calories. You will feel comfortable, healthy and ultimately in control.
  • You should aim to consume a minimum of 2 to 4 litres of water, plus optional black tea and black coffee only.
  • If you are compliant on Lipotrim you can expect to lose approx. 1 stone per month (females) and 1.5 stone per month (males).

Lipotrim Maintenance Programme

The Lipotrim maintenance programme is primarily designed to help manage long term weight maintenance. You may use the maintenance formula foods to supplement a normal healthy diet or after following the Lipotrim total food replacement programme; it can also be used to aid weight loss in its own right.

Lipotrim Maintenance Programme allows a choice of the degree to which body weight is controlled. Using the maintenance formula foods for weight loss is, therefore, suited to those with less of a weight problem waiting to start or thinking of using the total food replacement programme; it is also suitable for those unable to adhere to a total restriction of food intake.

If there is a serious problem with food, -food addiction or simply more than a couple of stone to lose-, it is highly recommended to use the Total Food Replacement Programme.

By using a maintenance formula food at mealtimes, the portion size and number of calories consumed can be vastly reduced. Ideally, when losing weight, the amount of conventional food consumed at each mealtime, just after or with the maintenance food, should be restricted to about 100 calories.

The maintenance foods, although highly nutritious, vary in their nutritional composition. It is recommended that either the Summer Fruit drink mix or the Chocolate flavoured whip mix, with their higher protein level, is consumed as part of the daily intake if using the programme to lose weight.

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